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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:07 pm    Post subject: Feedback on 3.2 Scales Reply with quote

I have put together the following scales for Cat, Bear, and Resto gear.

The Feral scales center around Agility while the Tree scale is based on Spirit.

Each considers a character wearing Naxx25/Ulduar gear. Influenced heavily by FeralbyNight, Rawr, and Allinone along with my own playstyle and experience.

Note that the Tree scale puts more weight on throughput than most scales I have seen, as I tend to not have mana issues, ever.

(Pawn: v1: "AchosBear": CritRating=0.16, BonusArmor=0.06, Agility=1, ExpertiseRating=0.45, DefenseRating=0.61, BaseArmor=0.46, ArmorPenetration=0.15, RedSocket=16.64, FeralAp=0.16, Strength=0.32, MetaSocket=115.04, Health=0.02, YellowSocket=13.52, DodgeRating=0.72, BlueSocket=17.28, Stamina=0.72, HasteRating=0.16, HitRating=0.23, Ap=0.15)

(Pawn: v1: "AchosTree": Intellect=0.87, RedSocket=39.14, CritRating=0.27, MetaSocket=67.51, Mp5=1.93, HasteRating=0.4, BlueSocket=26.54, Stamina=0.04, SpellPower=2.06, Spirit=1, YellowSocket=25.5)

(Pawn: v1: "AchosKitty": ArmorPenetration=1.03, RedSocket=16.48, CritRating=0.74, FeralAp=0.46, Strength=0.9, MetaSocket=65.4, YellowSocket=14.32, Agility=1, HitRating=0.79, BlueSocket=8, HasteRating=0.71, ExpertiseRating=0.75, Ap=0.4)

Feedback welcome!
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