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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:00 pm    Post subject: Blood 3.2 51/0/20 Reply with quote

Hello, I was wondering if these APE Values were still correct for 51/0/20 Blood as of patch 3.2.

No changes were made to the tree or any of the stats themselves so I am going to assume they are correct.

I have been manually getting the Stat Weights for each individual item, and having just recently discovered Pawn would like a bit of help.

The APE values for Blood appear to be as follow:

Attack Power - 1
Strength - 2.89
Weapon DPS - 9.89
Armor Pen - 2.75
Hit Rating (past cap is null) - 2.51
Expertise Rating - 2.47
Crit Rating - 1.56
Haste Rating - 1.5
Agility - 1.37
Hit Rating to spell hit cap (past is null) - .52
Armor - 0.3

These are Methods values for 51/0/20 Blood DPS stated here:

CTRL + F "VI." for the Stat Weights

I have entered these all in to Pawn accordingly, but Pawn takes into account socket bonuses regardless of being activated, I think this is messing with me.

Example: Conqueror's Darkruned Gauntlets (Death Knight T8.5)

Stats on the gloves are as follows;

1467 Armor *.03 = 44.01
90 Strength *2.89 = 260.1
42 Crit Rating *1.56 = 65.52
56 Hit Rating *2.51 = 140.56

The total comes out too: 510.19

Pawn is showing the total as 520.2 because of the Blue socket bonus of 4 Hit Rating *2.51. This socket bonus is not going to be met, as I'm going to socket a 20 Strength gem, making the actual value of the gloves 567.99.

20*2.89 = 57.8

57.8+510.9 = 567.99

I have the values for gems removed if that has anything to do with it.

Im wondering if Pawn can be made to NOT automatically calculate the socket bonus, until it is activated since I dont meet most socket requirements, as its a DPS loss.

I'm sorry for the wall of text, I'm very new to the addon, and I hope this was the right place to post all of this information as there isnt a Death Knight discussion forum.
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