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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:03 am    Post subject: Paladin (Tank) Reply with quote

This is my current scale for my tankadin gear.
Questions/comments are welcome, but keep it clean and kind please. (example: "your scale sucks" = bad, "you scale sucks, because ... (supporting reasons)" = good)

Tankadin Scale
    Base Stats:
    agility = 0.75
    stamina = 1.16
    intelligence = 0.5
    health = 0.1

    Red/Blue/Yellow = 10.44

    Spell Stats:
    Spell Damage = 0.5

    Defense Stats:
    Armor = 0.01
    Block Value = 0.2
    Block Rating = 0.921
    Defense Rating = 0.85
    Dodge Rating = 0.881
    Parry Rating = 0.776

( Pawn: v1: "Paladin (Tank)": Intellect=0.5, SpellDamage=0.5, BlockRating=0.921, RedSocket=10.44, Health=0.1, Strength=0.16, ParryRating=0.776, DefenseRating=0.85, Agility=0.75, DodgeRating=0.881, BlueSocket=10.44, Stamina=1.16, YellowSocket=10.44, Armor=0.01, BlockValue=0.2 )

With this scale I assume several things...

the stamina: I assume you have the +16% total bonus stam from the protection tree. Otherwise, just add in 1 + (bonus from talents)

the sockets: I assume +9 stam gems will be inserted (we're not all rich), and use 9*(value I used for stam) per socket. Also, I do no count the meta or slot bonuses. They vary too much.

spell damage: 0.5 is the average tps gain from SD

avoidance: block, dodge, parry, defense is all calculated from the amount needed to add 1% avoidance. Let's call this X. So (1-(x / 100))

armor: At this point of the game, I expect to be in blues or better. Also, you need an increasing amount of armor to lower physical damage by 1% which is hard to define a constant value to. Thus the low value awarded per point of armor.
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