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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:35 pm    Post subject: FAQ Reply with quote

How could i download the latest version of PAWN

What should i read, BEFORE i ask questions?
the zip-file you just downloaded, contains a README!
its a BIG html-file, anytime Up-To-Date, and very well written!

is PAWN compatible to other languages than enlish?
no. and read the readme!

me good, me smart... but, i've got a question about....
... really, read the readme.

How do i install PAWN?
just like every other addon: exit your WoW, and copy the PAWN-folders into your Interface\Addon-Directory. (e.g. D:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\)
be sure you got TWO new directories:
- VgerCore
now restart WoW again.

There are some strange-looking codes postet in this forum...
lines like:
(Pawn: v1: "Total healing": Healing=1, SpellPower=1)
well, these are the datas of the scale "total healing". copy this line.

now, go to WoW, and use the commandline:
/pawn import

a new frame pops up. copy'n'paste the line into the dialog and press enter.

is it complicated to build my own scale?
yes... no... maybe... depends on you.
its very difficult to build a balanced scale for ALL possible stats. but if you just want to scale "ATP, STR, AGI, STA and DPS", its very easy. the more stats you catch, the more complex it gets.

and btw: read the readme!

i've done my own scales. how could i post them here?
your scale got its own name. e.g. "Pawn value"
so use the commandline: (syntax: /pawn export <scale name>)
/pawn export Pawn Value

a dialog pops up, where you can copy'n'paste the text.
for more informations: read the readme!

there is a PROBLEM here at the forum
When you post a scale, look at how the sample scales are posted and follow their lead. Having the number 8 as last character before closing paranthesis ")" can be a little problem, it converts into a smiley as default. If you disable smilies in your post (checkbox underneath your editing window) the 8) will not convert into a smiley and can be copied and pasted as usual.

Should you forget to disable smilies, just edit your post and disable them afterwards.
(copy'n'pasted from peewees post here)

ouhmm, i dont know, how are some things calculated ingame?
visit wowwiki for more informations about the game mechanic.

to be continued

btw: sry 'bout my broken english... its not my mother's language *G*
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