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Vger's scales (healing & pvp)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject: Vger's scales (healing & pvp) Reply with quote

I figure I should contribute something since it's my mod and all. :) Here are the scales that I use on Vger, my shaman.

Disclaimer: These scales (well, Healbot at least) are hand-tuned to match statistics that I gathered over months and months of level 60 raiding. They're the ones that I'm still using right now, but I'm only level 67 so I haven't gotten to the TBC endgame yet. They also assume a resto-heavy talent spec. Take them with a grain of salt.

( Pawn: v1: "Healbot value": Intellect=1.4, SpellCritRating=0.35, CritRating=0.02, Agility=0.075, Armor=0.006, Spirit=1.2, BlockValue=0.03, BlockRating=0.25, RedSocket=7.4, Resilience=0.6, YellowSocket=8.5, Healing=0.45, Dps=0.5, Strength=0.071, MetaSocket=21.1, SpellHitRating=0.2, DodgeRating=0.4, HitRating=0.025, BlueSocket=8.5, Stamina=0.6, SpellPower=0.55, Mp5=4.25, Ap=0.018 )

( Pawn: v1: "PVP value": Intellect=1, SpellCritRating=0.4, CritRating=0.69, Agility=0.85, DefenseRating=1, Resilience=1, Spirit=0.8, BlockValue=0.43, BlockRating=0.5, RedSocket=7.4, YellowSocket=7.3, Armor=0.07, Healing=0.15, Dps=8, Strength=1.14, MetaSocket=18, SpellHitRating=0.6, DodgeRating=1, HitRating=0.96, BlueSocket=9, Stamina=1, SpellPower=0.55, Mp5=4.25, Ap=0.57 )
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